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Help Manuals
Help Manuals

Help Manuals include detailed information on installing and using MovAlyzeR® and GripAlyzeR™. Click here to visit the help overview page.

Discussion Forums

Neuroscript has a user discussion forum developed to facilitate the users in sharing ideas and discussing issues regarding MovAlyzeR® and its subsystems. The forums are available to users after registering.

  • General (Anything not covered by specific forums)
  • Questions (Any questions that you might have regarding NeuroScript)
  • Movalyzer® (Forums related to our movement analysis system)
  • Report Bugs/Quirks/Glitches (To report a bug or glitch you encountered while using our software AND to view known problems and solutions)
Report Problems
Report Problems

If no solution is found in the forums or in the help, you can submit a trouble ticket directly online. Please go here to submit a trouble ticket on a problem.

Live Support

Live online support can be available to registered users when requested. Please contact us to setup a live meeting. For meetings, please go here to connect to a live meeting.

Contact Support

For more urgent questions/issues or to contact technical support, email us directly at