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Manage side effects of neuroleptics and reduce risks of tardive dyskinesia via quantitative, objective measurements

What cannot be detected with conventional methods...

Specific psychotropic medications at higher dosages cause movement side effects in some patients. Psychiatrists evaluate these movement side-effects using clinical rating scales: Simpson Angus Scale for Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS) and parkinsonism (SAEPS or SAS), Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale for tardive dyskinesia (AIMS), and Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale for restlessness (BARS or BAS).

MovAlyzeR in psychiatry

Since chronic EPS can lead to tardive dyskinesia, proper monitoring of these side-effects can reduce the risk for patients. However, until now, there has been no objective test that can identify movement side-effects from medication.


...can be detected in kinematic handwriting analysis.

Research has shown that, where clinical rating scales do not detect movement side-effects, the handwriting kinematic measures of NeuroScript's MovAlyzeR® software do show medication and dosage effects (Patent pending WO2008143978).

MovAlyzeR - Movement Analysis Software

Psychiatrists, nurses and general physicians can identify EPS manifestations: Tremor, stiffness, slow movements and restlessness (akathisia). Movement data provide objective documentation on the absence of medication side effects or on the decisions to alter medication. While FDA approval is pending, this system can be used for research.

Supported by the US National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) grant “Movement Analysis to Monitor Medication Side Effects” (2R44MH073192).

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Example Test: PH2. Measuring movement side effects (e.g., EPS) due to medication.
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