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Human Movement Measurement and Analysis Systems

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NeuroScript's research and software programs - MovAlyzeR® and GripAlyzeR™, provide tools and means for handwriting researchers to collect and analyze handwriting movements, educationlists to teach and assess handwriting performance and much more. NeuroScript primarily focuses on fine motor control.

Listed on this page are other systems in human movement measurement and analysis, spanning a broad range of interests. Many of the (older) movement analysis systems are in the Biomechanics Yellow Pages.

Related Systems

Successful businesses in physical proximity of NeuroScript with non-competing interests overlapping with NeuroScript (Sorted alphabetically)

Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), Redwood Shores, California, USA (Russ Davis). Producer of the #1 Computer Recognition of Natural Handwriting.
Flexable, Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA (Dr Robert Tripp). Producer of a handheld body tremor analysis system.
Peterson Directed Handwriting, Greensburg, PA (Rand Nelson). Classical method of handwriting instruction in USA.
Skill Technologies, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Phillip Cheetham).
Western Research Company, Tucson, AZ (Eric Craine). Recipient of many NIH SBIR awards.


1-Dimensional Position

Flexable (, Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA (Dr. Robert Tripp) offers handheld tremor analysis systems and a TremorLab analysis software.


2-Dimensional Force

NeuroScript is developing a bimanual grip force coordination system for simultaneously measuring grip force in each hand and the pulling force while pulling two objects apart. Apply for a free full software download.


2-Dimensional Position

NeuroScript offers MovAlyzeR® for all versions of MSWindows for recording, processing, segmenting, summarizing, and large-database analysis. A tutorial shows how the MovAlyzeR works. Apply for a free full software download.

Aiptek produces a Hyperpen graphics tablet.
InkLink "think it, ink it" uses two sensors that can be clipped on a sheet of paper and allow digital recording of pen movements.
Kikosoft offers Oasis for scientific and research laboratories. A successor, PenProbe® for MSWindows will be available in the future.
LCS/Telegraphics offers Wintab drivers for many makes of electronic tablets and pens.
MEDDRAW: Detection, assessment and treatment of medical conditions which cause neurological dysfunction, e.g., visual-spatial neglect following stroke, and dyspraxia in children, and in general, the patient's performance in copying of visual shapes.
Micro-Innovations produce the Cryola tablet, a low-cost PC tablet for children.

MicroSoft is proposing a Windows XP Tablet dedicated to Pen computers.

Pen computers or Tablet PCs allow you to enter information by a pen instead of a key board and combine features of a laptop and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Examples are Kontrol, Fujitsu Stylistic 3500, Sonic-Blue ProGear, ViewSonic ViewPad 1000. Pen computers are not new. Several other companies have been "too early" on the market (e.g., Go Computer, Grid Systems, IBM Thinkpad Transnote).

Peterson-Directed Handwriting Greensburg, PA (Rand Nelson). Classical method of handwriting instruction in USA. Check out their Animated Letter Cards.
SmartQuill Pen contains accelerometers and built-in handwriting recognition software so it can translate what you write into characters. Write it, Don't type it.
Wacom produce Grphire2, Intuos2, and Cintiq digitizers for measuring pen movement, axial pressure, tilt for one or two pens. Cintiq is an integrated display digitizer.
Wizcom produces hand scanners with built-in optical character recognizers. No need to write: Scan it in. Handwriting killer?


3-Dimensional Position

Ariel ( offers APAS analysis software download.
Advance Motion Measurement ( for golf players.
Bioengineering Technology & Systems ( offers BTSwin motion analysis software for their BTSElitePlus movement recording systems.
MotionAnalysis ( suggests movement analysis immediately after neurological injury to aid in the determination of a pharmaceutical or therapeutic treatment regimen.
Northern Digital, Inc. ( - Optotrak .
Peak Performance Technologies, Inc. ( Biomechanics and Animation products to capture 2-D and 3-D coordinates and motion patterns
Phoenix Technologies ( 3-D realtime Motion-tracking systems.
Qualisys (
SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH ( offers user-friendly 2D and 3D motion analysis software.
SensoMotoric Instruments ( Eye tracking systems
Vicon ( by Oxford Metrics.
Zebris Medizintechnik GmbH ( offers 3D motion analysis for movement disorders.


Online Handwriting Receognition

Communication Intelligence Corporation ( Redwood Shores, California, USA Russ Davis). Producer of the #1 Computer Recognition of Natural Handwriting (
NPEN is a writer-independent on-line cursive handwriting recognition system (
Palm Inc. ( Graffiti - a handprintrecognizer by 3Com
Paragragh ( Calligrapher -- Handwriting recognizer
Parascript ( provides products and services like Total Recognition® technology for converting information on paper forms and checks into computer-useable data. They use ICR, OCR and natural handwriting recognition.
Pen Directory Assistant System (Only for CMU CS People and German City), by Stefan Manke and Xing Jing (
VisionObjects ( Handwriting recognition technology using PDA, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Digital Pen...
Synaptics ( interface solutions for mobile computing and communications devices, touchpads. Synaptics QuickStroke® software is an intelligent Chinese handwriting recognition program that uses a patented Incremental Recognition Technology.
Pen Reader by Paragon Software: