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NeuroScript's research and software programs - ScriptAlyzeR™ and MovAlyzeR®, provide tools and means for handwriting researchers to collect and analyze handwriting movements and educators to teach and assess handwriting performance and much more.

Handwriting is the most widely educated fine motor skill we know. Handwriting movement skill connects to:

  • Education (learning to write first and then writing to learn when making notes)
  • Computer interaction (pen computing, handwriting recognition, signature verification)
  • Forensic document examination (signature and writer identification)
  • Neurological examination (movement dysfunction can be quantified in progression or recovery of disease)
  • Science (movement of the pen tip yields both process and product measures in understanding neuro-musculo-visuo-motor interactions).

This page provides links to useful resources on handwriting.

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Pen Computing

InkML Working Draft
W3C Public Mailing List

Handwriting Patents

Online US Patent & Trademark search with full texts (http://patft.uspto.gov/).
Below are some recent examples related to human movement measurement:

4,901,358 Method of comparing a handwriting with a reference writing
5,077,802 Apparatus and method for digitizing and segmenting a handwriting movement based on curvilinear and angular velocities
5,018,208 Input device for dynamic signature verification systems by Karen Gladstone.
5,596,698 Method and apparatus for recognizing handwritten inputs in a computerized teaching system
5,730,602 Computerized method and apparatus for teaching handwriting by Chip Gierhart.
5,903,668 Method and apparatus for recognizing handwritten words
5,933,514 Method for dynamic reconstruction of handwritten data by John Ostrem, Norman Austin, Hewitt Crane, assignee Communication Intelligence Corporation.
5,959,260 Method for entering handwritten information in cellular telephones
6,111,976 System and method for handwritten character recognition and qualification
6,195,446 Digitizer stylus with memory for storing handwriting data
6,215,901 Pen based computer handwriting instruction
6,229,102/6,084,577 Pen-shaped handwriting input apparatus using accelerometers and gyroscopes and an associated operational device for determining pen movement
6,256,410 Methods and apparatus for customizing handwriting models to individual writers
6,266,685 Hand-held data collection system with stylus input
6,269,187 Method and system for data entry of handwritten symbols by Lloyd Frink, assignee Microsoft
6,275,611 Handwriting recognition device, method and alphabet, with strokes grouped into stroke sub-structures
6,295,372 Method and apparatus for handwriting input on a pen based palmtop computing device
6,295,378 Handwriting stroke information encoder which encodes handwriting stroke information by sampling
6,339,655 Handwriting recognition system using substroke analysis
6,343,148 Process for utilizing external handwriting recognition for personal data assistants by William Nagy, assignee IBM
6,396,481 Apparatus and method for portable handwriting capture
6,454,706 System and method for clinically assessing motor function
6,546,134 System for assessment of fine motor control in humans
6,556,712 Methods and apparatus for handwriting recognition
6,556,694 Digitizer stylus containing handwriting data
6,600,834 Handwriting information processing system with character segmentation user interface
6,651,221/6,587,587/6,535,897 System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting, printing and drawings
6,691,233 Battery operated ink capture device that operates in a normal power mode during active use and a minimum power mode during absence of active use
6,707,942 Method and apparatus for using pressure information for improved computer controlled handwriting recognition, data entry and user authentication
6,719,690 Neurological conflict diagnostic method and apparatus
6,762,750 Input device for a computer and a grip arrangement for such a device
6,771,266 Method and apparatus for improving the appearance of digitally represented handwriting
6,817,973 Apparatus for controlling force for manipulation of medical instruments

Some older patents:

5,981,884 Pen-shaped handwriting input apparatus using accelerometers and gyroscopes and an associated operational device for determining pen movement
5,977,958 Method and system for digitizing handwriting
5,917,942 Device and method for handwriting recognition with adaptive weighting of recognition data
5,902,968 Pen-shaped handwriting input apparatus using accelerometers and gyroscopes and an associated operational device for determining pen movement
5,818,963 Method and system for recognizing a boundary between characters in handwritten text
5,757,960 Method and system for extracting features from handwritten text
5,732,154 Handwriting and character recognition system
5,623,555 Method and apparatus for handwriting decompression using estimated timing information
5,613,019 System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting, printing and drawings
5,596,698 Method and apparatus for recognizing handwritten inputs in a computerized teaching system
5,587,560 Portable handwritten data capture device and method of using
5,563,381 Handwriting capture system with segmented digitizer
5,561,446 Method and apparatus for wireless remote information retrieval and pen-based data entry
5,539,159 Handwriting capture device
5,454,046 Universal symbolic handwriting recognition system
5,438,631 Handwriting and character recognition system
5,434,928 Method for verifying a handwritten signature entered into a digitizer
5,412,161 Handwriting capture system with segmented digitizer
5,396,566 Estimation of baseline, line spacing and character height for handwriting recognition
5,380,958 Handwriting capture device
5,347,589 System and method for displaying handwriting parameters for handwriting verification
5,322,978 Handwriting capture device with integral forms printer
5,303,312 Handwriting recognition by character template
5,227,590 Handwriting capture device
5,223,677 Handwriting capture device with insertable form interface
5,215,397 Writing device for storing handwriting
5,120,906 Handwriting capture device
4,817,034 Computerized handwriting duplication system
4,672,677 Character and figure processing apparatus


The number of patents including "handwriting" shows an explosive growth.

Years #Patents containing "handwriting"
1996-2002 1630
1991-1995 458
1986-1990 185
1981-1985 106
1976-1980 120


Handwriting Education

StartWrite (www.smartkidssoftware.com/cdimk1.htm)
Peterson-Directed Handwriting (www.peterson-handwriting.com) Greensburg, PA (Rand Nelson). Classical method of handwriting instruction in USA. Check out their Animated Letter Cards.
Ventura - (www.venturaes.com) Curriculum software, electronics, books and classroom/office equipment and other technology products.
Kate Gladstone's handwriting page - Handwriting Repair
D'Nealian Handwriting - (www.dnealian.com)
Gerrit Noordzij's writings about strokes and letters - Visit
Charles Lehman's way of teaching handwriting to children - Visit
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Program - (Visit)
Universal Publishing - (www.upub.net) Educational products for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6, including handwriting
Handwriting for Kids.com - (www.handwritingforkids.com) Handwriting lessions & worksheets
Handwriting Instruction Books - Pearson Scott Foresman - Search Results
Handwriting Instruction: Links
Handwriting research at Utah State University
CBS News-The Early Show: The Death of Handwriting (TV story)
Pencil Pete's Handwriting Programs: http://www.jjmdesigns.com/


Handwriting Educator Survey

Survey Questions on Written Language Instruction in Elementary School Grades 1-4
Survey Results


Mailing List for Handwriting Research


Mailing list for Handwriting Production, Recognition, Reading, Education, Expertise

Anyone interested in handwriting research can share short messages. Messages should be concise and not chat-like. Messages may be on any topic related to handwriting:

  • Handwriting Production
    • Neural-network based models
    • Biomechanical models
    • Cognitive models
  • Handwriting Recognition
    • Pen-based computers
    • Human reading
  • Handwriting (Re)Education
  • Forensic applications
  • Motor-nervous disorders (e.g., Parkinson's disease)
  • Analysis
    • Recording
    • Processing
    • Data bases
  • etc.

Examples are: Calls for papers, Announcements of conferences, Conference programs Publications to appear, Book reviews, (Electronic) papers to appear, Handwriting analysis discussions, Handwriting data offered, 'Handwritten' e-mail, New projects started, Positions available, ...

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The Parkinson Current Topics Archive Treasures

Archives : (http://www.parkinsons-information-exchange-network-online.com/archive/ct.html)


Handwriting Recognition

[Use your mouse or digitizer pen!]

There are some softwares available to recognize and edit handwriting.

Office XP

If you have Office XP installed, handwriting and drawing can be written using a mouse or digitizer pen in Microsoft Word (from Office XP). These are respectively converted in to text and images. In other Office XP applications, handwriting recognition can be done.

How to install:

  • Start Menu > Control Panel
  • Double click Add/Remove Programs
  • Scroll down to Microsoft Office XP in the list > click Change
  • You will be asked to input the 'Office XP' installation CD
  • Click Add or Remove features, and then click Next.
  • Under features to install, expand the option 'Office Shared Features' > then expand the
  • Option 'Alternative user input'
  • Click the button next to 'handwriting' > Select the option > click update.
  • The handwriting toolbar should appear on the screen as toolbar.
    If you donot see it right away move the windows on the screen to find it.
  • If not, right click on the Windows taskbar taskbar.
    Next, click on the "Language bar" option (this will display a check mark next to it).
    The handwriting toolbar is then displayed on the taskbar as taskbar.
    This can be moved to the screen by using the restore button or minimized or dragged back in to the taskbar.
  • For more details on this feature, visit the Microsoft help page at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/CH010714381033.aspx


After installing the handwriting feature, you can open Microsoft word from start menu. A new toolbar "Handwriting" appears with the following options:

Writing pad: A seperate window opens, with ink, eraser, space, tab, spelling correction etc. One can write by left-clicking and dragging the mouse on this screen, or, write using the digitizer pen.

An option "write anywhere" is also available in this window and also from the toolbar. While this is on, one can write anywhere on the word document, and the text is added.

Drawing Pad: One can draw on this window using the available options, and hitting the button with "Insert Now" instruction tag, will insert the drawing as an image in to the word document. So this can be used to store handwriting as is, instead of converting to text, for example, a person's signature. Eventually these can be used in email text etc.

In other MS Office applications such as Excel and Powerpoint, only the writing feature is available.

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