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Testing handwriting instruction methods, Child development, Developmental Coordination Disorders (DCD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Handwriting: The most taught motor skill in the world?

When testing children's drawing or writing with a pen as a function of learning or age, both product and process should be studied. Difficulties in producing handwriting may stem from abnormal development of motor control process.

MovAlyzeR in education

Age or developmental groups and the variability of a child's motor control lead to larger numbers of trials to describe the range of normal vs. abnormal motor control.


Record now, analyze later.

MovAlyzeR® can record and organize large numbers of trials with specific learning protocols, visual stimuli and feedback and process them automatically yielding a quick summary of the results.

MovAlyzeR - Movement Analysis Software

Pen pressure, altitude (finger flexing) and azimuth (wrist flexing) can be measured to characterize pen grip. This system will help build valuable databases of movement data which be used by other MovAlyzeR users, world-wide, to discriminate between normal and abnormal motor skills for children per category.

Video Demonstrations of MovAlyzeR® Example Tests and Features

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Example Test: LEA. Learning to write cursive script versus straight, connected strokes versus straight down strokes.
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Example Tests: TEA & STU. Teacher writes patterns and student sees and performs the patterns.
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