Company Overview

Mission Statement

In 24 June 1997, NeuroScript LLC was co-founded by Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings. The aim is to develop a software system to automatically analyze and quantify human movement.

Our mission is making knowledge of human movement research available to professionals interested in measuring, demonstrating, or researching human movement using low-cost, PC-based devices such as digitizers.

The NeuroScript Team

Hans-Leo Teulings, Ph.D. Gregory M. Baker
Hans-Leo Teulings, Ph.D.

Gregory M. Baker
C.O.O. and Director of Development

Prof. Michael Caligiuri, Ph.D. Prof. Heidi H. Harralson, MA, CDE, D-BFDE
Prof. Michael P. Caligiuri, Ph.D.
Consultant, Lead Investigator

Heidi H. Harralson, MA, CDE, D-BFDE
Spectrum Forensic International, LLC
Eugeniy Litvinov Gerhard Mahlich
Eugeniy Litvinov
Consultant, Software Development

Gerhard Mahlich
Consultant, Ergotherapy

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